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The HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ Service Finder, a business tool that is available to all hair professionals who have completed our training curriculum and are committed to providing gender-affirming services to their clients.

The Service Finder is a platform that allows individuals seeking gender-affirming hair services to easily locate and connect with hair professionals who share our values and commitment to inclusivity. By making this tool available to our community of salons and stylists, we are helping to drive awareness of their businesses and promote their services to a wider audience.

At HAIR HAS NO GENDER™, we are proud to be a part of a movement that is bringing about positive change and helping to make the world a more accepting and inclusive place for everyone.

We believe that the Service Finder is just one example of how we can give back to the community and help to create a more inclusive and welcoming hair industry. Our commitment to education, support, and advocacy, coupled with this business tool, is helping to create a new era of gender-affirming practices within the hair world.

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