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Service Finder Membership Special Offer



Every year

1 year membership to the Hair Has No Gender Service Finder

Valid until canceled


To get your business listed on the HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ Service Finder, an enrollment fee of $115.15 per business or person will be collected and will be valid for one (1) year (“Term”). Your enrollment includes:

  • Your listing and promotion on the HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ Service Finder on for one (1) year

  • HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ License Rights

  • A Service Finder Allied Space digital badge to celebrate your affiliation

  • A 10% off discount code to use on all HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ merchandise


After signing up for the yearly subscription of $115.15, you will receive a link to register your business on the Service Finder Map. Once you complete registration, your business information will be added to the HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ Service Finder Map!

Professional Pledge to Inclusivity

On behalf of my name and business information provided, I pledge to the following: 

  1. I will do my best to practice a human-first approach to the business of hairdressing and prioritize the well-being of every individual who enters my salon or barbershop.

  2. I will do my best to commit to an ask-first policy, meaning  I will honor and respect everyone’s pronouns by asking my clients how they would like to be addressed, and I will always correct them with courtesy and sincerity if a genuine error has been made.

  3. I will do my best to use inclusive language throughout all written copy and verbal communication on behalf of my business, including but not limited to: 

    • Forms or questionnaires to be filled in by the client

    • Front desk check-in and check-out formalities 

    • All services, appointments, and consultations

    • All customer service efforts, in general

  4. I will do my best to sustain and communicate my business positioning as being supportive of the LGBTQIA2S+ and contributing towards creating a safer and more positive experience for all.

  5. I will do my best to transition to or maintain a gender-free service menu by establishing pricing based on time and product value. 

  6. I will do my best to adapt more gender-free techniques or shorter hair sculpting options that are non-gender specific, on-trend, and demonstrate an elevated skill set.

  7. I will do my best to offer gender-affirming consultations by eliminating the use of gender or social constructs as a determining factor in their desired hair expression;  I will incorporate affirming, neutral and inclusive language with open-ended will respecting the pronouns and, therefore, the well-being of every client.  

  8. I will do my best to work in an environment or space that supports inclusion through design and facilities, including:

    • Gender-free bathrooms with appropriate signage

    • An inclusive ambiance: visible validation and representation through artwork, trade magazines, and public displays of LGBTQIA2S+ support

    • Playlists that refrain from profanity, objectivity or found to be generally offensive

Terms & Conditions

With your enrollment, you agree and confirm the following:

  1. I confirm that all business information submitted is true and accurate and give HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ permission to list my business information on the HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ Service Finder as submitted.

  2. I understand that my enrollment is valid for the Term, after which I will be required to renew my membership to maintain my business listing and licensing rights to HAIR HAS NO GENDER™. 

  3. I understand that the Term automatically renews and that I will be billed through an automatic renewal system at the start of each Term unless I request to opt out prior.

  4. I understand that I will use the HAIR HAS NO GENDER trademarks as permitted under the License Rights.

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