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"HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ Professional Team Trainings are offered as a look & learn or hands-on format and are available to book by all professional service providers, including salon owners, barber shop owners, and schools.

Request our 2023 Education Catalog to learn more about the curriculum, booking process, and pricing – or contact us here. Consultations are available on request to help choose the best format for you.


HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ Inclusive Business Model & Short Hair Sculpting Class

In this foundational, introductory class, Jamie will guide you on the steps to transition to a more inclusive business module (like her award-winning HAIR HAS NO GENDER™Gender-Free Service Menu) and introduce inspirational short hair sculpting techniques that ensure a more positive, safe, and successful experience for all client identities.

Jamie will deliver a full day of learning, providing you with the education to grow your profitability, develop your staff, and elevate your business’ reputation within your community.

HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ Short Hair Sculpting: Haircut & Barbering Techniques

Experience a full day of short hair sculpting techniques paired with an in-depth module of the HAIR HAS NO GENDER™Gender-Affirming Consultation that will positively impact your client’s experience, expand your service offering and elevate your creative expression!

Through an immersive format, Jamie will showcase an expanded collection of inclusive new, short hair shapes and techniques and introduce you to creative ways to texturizing using the existing tools in your kit.


L’Oreal PPD Business Affiliates: Please contact your sales consultant or regional brand educator to book Jamie for a HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ team training. If you are part of Level Loyalty, please click here, and we’ll redirect your booking request to the appropriate booking channel.

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